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Sale and Shipping Terms

SALES TAX: Shipments outside of Canada no sale tax applicable.Any duties are the recipiants responsibility.Canadian residents are subject to following; Ontario,New Brunswick & Newfoundland 13% HST. British Columbia 12%. Nova Scotia 15%. Quebec, Alberta,Manitoba, PEI 5% GST.

We do not charge for packing items. We do not charge for packing materials other than special order items requested by purchaser. For example if you buy a tin sign. We buy a sheet of plywood, cut it to size,bubble wrap it,wrap it again in heavy cardboard, tape it well and ship it. We will charge you for the plywood only in this case. Our time is not charged nor is there a charge for common packing materials used. We have never received a complaint about our packing. We can tell you before an order is shipped what you will be charged for. If we do not know the exact shipping charges  we will estimate it. We accept Visa  as well as PAYPAL. When you want to place an order if we can not give you a fairly accurate shipping fee we want payment for the item immediatly without shipping charges. Example: If the item costs $100.00 we process the payment of $100.00, then package the item and take it to the shipper to get exact shipping charges.We then process your Visa or request a second payment from paypal to complete the payment process. Item is then shipped. This elimnates the people who are not serious about the purchase. We have wasted time and resourses jumping through hoops,buying special packing materials and travelling to diferent shipping depots for quotes just to be told the person has changed their mind. You pay only for exact shipping fees from carrier and any special packaging we may have to purchase on your behalf. Nothing more. We want you to be satisfied but realize that we do not control what the carriers charge for shipping.

You can call the shop (613)821-3887 or email us to place an order.