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HTC One M8 users are in for a pleasant treat, as it is now possible to upgrade your handset from stock version to Google Play Edition without the risk of introducing bloatware or junky apps into the mix, which is usually the case with most custom ROMs.

In addition, Google Play Edition brings all the latest updates and bug-fixes for your handset while retaining the stock interface and features to offer a completely pure Android experience like in Nexus devices.

Note: You will be unable to install Sense based ROMs after installing the GPE upgrade due to the partition variation between the GPE and standard Android version.

IBTimes UK reminds readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to device during or after firmware installation. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.


The instructions provided in this guide are limited to HTC One M8 GSM devices and will not work with any other model. Verify your device model from Settings  About Phone. Ensure your phone has at least 60% battery charge to avoid inadvertent shutdown during the installation process. Verify that the phone is in S-OFF mode. Make sure the correct USB drivers (click here for Windows 8 drivers) are installed for the phone on computer. Enable USB debugging on your phone from Settings  Developer Options. Now you need to mfastboot-v2.zip. Check the compatible CID and MID values below. Otherwise, just change them to one of the given IDs in the list: modelid: 0P6B12000 modelid: 0P6B17000 modelid: 0P6B***** cidnum: 11111111 cidnum: T-MOB010 cidnum: CWS__001 cidnum: BS_US001 cidnum: GOOGL001 For instance, your CID should be GOOGL001 (GPE CID for the HTC One M8) if you want to get OTA updates from Google.

Those who are unaware about the procedure for changing CID and MID can follow the tutorial here (courtesy of Droid Views).

How to Convert HTC One M8 into Google Play Edition

Download Stock firmware for HTC One M8 and transfer it to the Fastboot folder: Click Here (Rooted) Launch command prompt in Fastboot folder by right clicking in the folder s empty space while holding Shift key. Connect your device to the computer via USB cable and reboot the device into boot loader by typing the following at the command prompt.

           adb reboot bootloader

    4. Type the following command to enter OEM Flash Mode

          fastboot oem rebootRUU

    5. Install the firmware with the following command:

        fastboot flash zip RUU-HTC_One_M8_GPE_4.4.4-2.12.1700.1.zip


       fastboot flash zip RUU-HTC_One_M8_GPE_4.4.4-2.12.1700.1_rooted.zip

    6. If you see the following error message, then repeat Step 5 once again:

         FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)

    7. After the flashing completes, reboot the device with the following command:

         fastboot reboot

   Once your phone reboots, it should be running the new android GPE for HTC One M8.

[Source: Droid Views]

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How to Convert HTC One M8 (Stock) into Google Play Edition
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