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Samsung s popular budget Galaxy Ace series got a new iteration in the form of Galaxy Ace 4 earlier this year, but the release of the smartphone has been debated time and again.

Now, all these debates have been put to rest as Samsung has officially announced that the Galaxy Note 4 will be released in the United Kingdom (both online, and in physical retail stores) on 17 October.

The release date of Samsung s low-end Galaxy Ace 4 LTE coincides with the release of the South Korea-based company s newest high-end flagship, the Galaxy Note 4 which is also slated to go on sale in brick-and-mortar retail stores across the UK on 17 October.

According to an ITProPortal report, prospective buyers of Galaxy Ace 4 LTE can check out physical retail stores as well as online portals starting 17 October.

Also, the ITProPortal report states that EE will be offering the Galaxy Ace 4 both with and without carrier contracts across its retail stores.

Apart from EE, O2 will also be offering Samsung s affordable Galaxy Ace 4.

So, do remember to check out your nearest Samsung retailer, on 17 October for Samsung s bonanza that comprises both the low-end Galaxy Ace 4 LTE, and the more advanced Galaxy Note 4 flagship smartphones.

Key technical specification of Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE:

The USP of Samsung s Ace 4 LTE, apart from its affordability factor, is the smartphone s 4G LTE support, which makes the smartphone, a potential priority for users wanting to purchase a 4G LTE-enabled smartphone from a quality brand without compromising on budget.

Other tech-specs of the budget Galaxy Ace 4 include:

4in TFT capacitive touchscreen display Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system; out of the box 1.2GHz dual-core processor; along with 1GB RAM 4GB internal storage MicroSD card slot for expansion of internal storage up to 64GB 4G LTE, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and microUSB connectivity 5MP rear camera VGA front snapper Built-in Samsung Knox 2.0 security functionality 1,800 mAh Li-Ion battery

The price of Samsung s Galaxy Ace 4 LTE is yet to surface at this juncture. Considering the fact that the device is targeted at those on shoestring budgets, Galaxy Ace 4 can be expected to have an affordable/budget price tag when it goes up for sale on 17 October in the UK.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should do well to compete with other budget smartphones in the UK such as Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo/Smart 4 Power and the popular Moto G.

The value-for-money gadget segment in the United Kingdom seems to have got the much required impetus, after Moto G sales (last quarter) proved that people still preferred value-for-money devices, over high-end ones.

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