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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told Sky News he will not consider a deal with the Tories to work against Labour during next year s General Election.

Mr Farage was speaking as he and UKIP s first elected MP arrived in Rochester and Strood in an attempt to capitalise on the party s by-election success on Thursday.

The defection of Mark Reckless from the Conservatives to UKIP gives the anti-Europe party another chance to secure a second Westminster seat before the election in May.

A survey last week gave Mr Reckless a nine-point lead over the Conservative challenger, putting David Cameron under pressure from some backbenchers to consider a deal with UKIP.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg had been among those who has been arguing the two parties should work together to defeat Labour.

He told The Times: We should think about what that means in terms of the UKIP-Conservative relationship because the Conservative family could win a majority on that basis.

Otherwise, the only thing we manage is mutually assured destruction.

But when asked if he would consider a pre-election pact, Mr Farage told Sky News: This party is not a splinter of a Conservative party. This party is its own organic force.

This party and these people, we want to win our own representation in Westminster and we believe that only by doing that can we fundamentally change British politics.

To sell out so that one or two people can have  a ministerial position is not what this party s about.

I don t trust David Cameron. I don t believe a word David Cameron says. And for that reason it would be fruitless to even enter into any negotiation. It s not going to happen.

Mr Reckless, however, would not be drawn on the issue, saying: I m not discussing or supporting pacts.”

UKIP are the agents of change – we’re going to shake-up that cosy cartel in Westminster, he added.

The UKIP candidate received a warm welcome on Saturday, a marked contrats to shortly after his defection when he was forced to cancel a walkabout due to the negative reception.

Party volunteers spoken to by Sky s Rachel Amatt had come from as far away as Staffordshire to support Mr Reckless.

Volunteers were preparing to leaflet each one of the constituency s 40,000 homes during the day.

Earlier, Mr Carswell hit out at what he described as an aggressive smear campaign against Mr Reckless, who he described as one of the most decent and honourable people I have ever met in politics .

He didn’t have to face this by-election. He didn’t have to resign and seek permission from the voters. He did so because he believed it s the only honourable thing to do.

In response to that, the big corporate party machines in Westminster have run a highly personal aggressive smear campaign. That’s what’s wrong with our politics.

The date of the by-election in the Kent constituency is still to be set.

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