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When FOX aired it's first NASCAR race of the season, Dale Jr won the Daytona 500. When TNT aired it's first race of the season, Dale Jr won the Pocono 400. Coincidence or a plan to get viewers to watch NASCAR? I am inclined to believe that they have planned certain wins for this un-talented driver. He usually only wins 1 race every four or five years, and yet this year he now has two wins. I believe NASCAR really wants this driver to be in the Chase for the Championship.

Brad Keselowski was leading on the next to last lap when Danica Patrick was going a lap down and in front of the leader. He had to let up or hit her, so he lifted and Dale Jr took the opportunity to slide on by and take the checkered flag. Brad K and Tony Stewart had the best cars by far, and towards the end of the race Dale Jr used race track position to claim his 21st career win.

Had it not been for Patrick being in the way, Jr would not have had the car to beat Keselowski. I think that the politics of NASCAR is to get more viewers and more people sitting in the seats at the tracks. Over the last few years NASCAR's powers that be have been trying different things to get new winners and a new champion. I hate to say this, but until Jimmie Johnson retires, he could very well win several more championships and will definitely pass Dale Earnhardt Sr and Richard Petty for most championship wins. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Jr takes the championship this year.

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