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Tori Spelling and estranged husband Dean McDermott have decided to make the most of the publicity they are getting out of McDermott’s cheating scandal. Their reality show True Tori has been extended to include a “Confessions special.” The couple even use their therapy sessions with Dr. Ann Wexler on their reality show.

In a preview, McDermott, 47, storms out of one of the therapy specials with Dr. Wexler. Spelling, 41, was saying how she’s isn’t convinced that her husband hasn’t cheated on her before he finally got caught. She said, “Maybe the truth is that he’s been doing this all along and we would never even know.”

Spelling went on to tell Wexler, “Maybe this is just the one time he got caught. I wanted to slap him. It was like, what the f**k story are you telling me. It makes no sense. He’s making no sense right now, because literally, we’ve never had sex the night before he’s left for a trip.”

He was wanting more sex from me, he wanted more adventurous stuff, we were doing…I was doing everything he wanted. That’s why when this happened; it was such a slap in my face. “Because it’s like, I not only was giving him more sex.”

“I was doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.”

McDermott got caught while having a two day affair with Emily Goodhand, 28. He was in Toronto filming Chopped: Canada last year. While Spelling claims that she does not want to know if in fact he has been with other women, a source close to McDermott claims that he has admitted to her that he has. The source claims that McDermott admitted to having affairs with at least five other woman.

The source said, “Dean had told her month ago, while in rehab that he had been with at least five other women. It had to be addressed and dealt with or else the marriage didn’t stand a chance.”

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