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We do apologise but shipping of furniture is not an available option. The cost is prohibitive. We do deliver as far as Toronto and some points of southern Ontario depending on the piece. Email your request with your location.

Solid Pine Kitchen Island or Bar

SOLID PINE KITCHEN ISLAND OR BAR. Made in Canada.Three raised panels across front. Top made from reclaimed barn beams. Measures 43 1/2" in length X 23 1/2" in width X 36" in height. Finished in antique white with top finished in early american stain. Nice size island.


Solid Pine Sideboard

SOLID PINE 3 DOOR RAISED PANEL SIDEBAORD. Top is made from 100 year old reclaimed barn boards. Measures 63" in length X 15" in width X 36" in height. Made from 1" thick solid pine. Made to compliment our solid pine harvest tables.Made in Canada!


Pine Cupboard

MADE IN CANADA  Solid pine one door pantry cupboard. Measures 62" in height X 30" in width X 15" in depth. One door with four raised panels. Finished in early american stain. Could be custom made with black finish. Great cupboard for linen or kitchen.


Kitchen Island

MADE IN CANADA. KITCHEN ISLAND WITH DOORS IN THE BACK.Solid pine with 1 1/4" thick top.Overhang on front for seating. Measures 48" in length X 27 1/4" in width X 36" in height. Three raised panels across the front, 2 raised panel doors on back to conceal storage area.. Great piece for any style kitchen.


Pine Cupboard

MADE IN CANADA  Solid pine cupboard with framed 3 glazed door top with a  3 drawers over 3 raised panel door base. Early american stain with satin finish. Cupboard has a 1" thick solid pine wood construction. Measures 63" in length X 7' in height X 18" in depth. Fabulous pc. of furniture for any dining or living space.


Chimney Cupboard





















MADE IN CANADA. SOLID PINE ONE DOOR CUPBOARD WITH THREE RAISED PANELS. Measures 65 1/2" in height X 32" in width X 18" in depth. Constructed with 1" thick pine boards with 1 1/4" thick top. Real quality piece of furniture.Can be custom ordered.


Pine Chimney Cupboard



PINE ONE DOOR DOUBLE RAISED PANEL CHIMNEY CUPBOARD This is the newest member of our "Classic Collection" and it is a real beauty. Measures 60" in height X 29" in width and 16" in depth. Interior has 4 shelves for storage. Also available in "Early American" finish. Beautiful piece of furniture for any style home.Can be custom ordered.



Pine Armoire

FROM OUR CLASSIC COLLECTION. MADE IN CANADA. PINE TWO DOOR ARMOIRE. Made from 1" thick pine. Doors are double raised panel. Measures 6' in height X 40" in width X 15" in depth. Excellent quality.

Can be custom ordered.


Pine Sideboard

MADE IN CANADA FROM OUR CLASSIC COLLECTION  3 DOOR SOLID PINE SIDEBOARD. Measures 62" in length by 15" in width X 36 1/2" in height. Raised panel in each door.


Pine Low Cupboard

MADE IN CANADA. Solid pine  raised panel door low cupboard. Would make a great T.V. stand. or entrance piece. Minimum 1" thick boards with 1 1/4" thick solid pine top. Great small size that can enhance any room of the house.Can be custom ordered.




Pine Cupboard

 MADE IN CANADA. SOLID PINE RAISED PANEL TWO DOOR CUPBOARD. Ideal as a sideboard or T.V. stand. Measures 43 1/2" in length X 36" in height X 17" in depth. Made with 1" thick solid pine.Can be custom ordered.


Pine Cupboard


DOUBLE RAISED PANEL SIDEBOARD.Solid 1" thick pine boards with a 1 1/4" thick top.Measures 51" in length X 34" in height X 20" in depth. This is our newest member of our "Classic Collection" Shelves inside for lots of storage. Custom made solid pine. A real beauty. Also available in natural finish.Can be custom ordered.



Pine Stepback Cupboard

 MADE IN CANADA.Large 2 piece stepback cupboard. Measures 7'3" in height X 63" in width X 18" in depth. Made from 1" thick pine with 1 14/" thick top. 3 glazed doors on top with 3 raised panel doors on bottom. Lots of storage space. One only!


Pine Cupboard
















































Solid pine 2 piece cupboard. Measures 74" in height X 42" in width X 18" in depth. Constructed from 1" thick solid pine with 1 1/4" thick top on bottom section. Four (4) glass panes in top section, raised panels in bottom section. Fabulous size.


Kitchen Island

 Solid pine kitchen island. Extra thick 1 1/4" solid pine top. Three raised panels across the front.. Measures 48" in length X 27 1/4" in width X 36" in height. Open back for lots of storage space. Body of island made from 1" thick solid pine. Makes a geat kitchen island or bar. Made in Canada.



Pine Cupboard






















SOLID PINE ONE DOOR, ONE DRAWER CUPBOARD. Great size measures only 36" in height X 24" in width X 14" in depth with a 1 1/2" solid pine top.. Paneled door construction. Would work anywhere in the house.PRICE:$349.00


Pine Bookcase measures74" in height X 32" in width X 13" in depth.Paint or clear coat

PRICE:$349.00 each


Pine Corner Cupboard

A SOLID PINE GEORGIAN STYLE CORNER CUPBOARD. Measures 70" in height X 28" in width X 12" in depth.


Pine Sideboard

A THREE DOOR SIDEBOARD. Made from solid pine. Measures 45" in length X 37" in height X 13" in depth.


Pine Jam Cupboard

Pine 2 door jam cupboard.Cupboard measures 52" in height X 27" in width X 14" in depth.Paint or clear coat.


Pine Chimney Cupboard



Pine Chimney Cupboard measures 72" in heigth X 16" in width X 10" in depth.


Pine Open Dish Cupboard




















Reproduction solid pine two piece open dish cupboard. Made from solid reclaimed pine 1" - 1 1/2" boards.Measures72" in height X 47" in length X 16 1/2" in depth. Great size.


Pine Cupboard


A SOLID PINE THREE PANEL CUPBOARD. Measures 58" in height X 19" in width X 13" in depth.

PRICE:$299.00 each


Pine Cupboard

A SOLID PINE RAISED PANEL PANTRY CUPBOARD. Measures 73" in height X 36" in width X 15" in depth.


Pine Hutch




Pine Open Top Hutch Small Size measures 70" in heigth X 26" in width X 14" in depth. Paint or clear coat.

PRICE:$325.00 each

Solid Pine Bookcase

MADE IN CANADA SOLID PINE BOOKCASE. Measures 47" in length X 44 1/2" in height with a depth of 13 3/4". Available in black or early american stain finish.