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Canada Dry Double Bubble Advertising Clock

CANADA DRY DOUBLE BUBBLE 1940'S ADVERTISING WALL CLOCK. Made to resemble a pocket watch. Perfect working condition. This is considered one of the best double bubble advertising clocks made. Measures 15" in diameter. Beautiful advertising clock in excellent condition.

Pepsi-Cola Light Up Sign

PEPSI COLA 1950'S LIGHT UP SIGN. Convex glass sign reads "DRINK Pepsi-Cola The Light refreshment" Made in Canada by Canadian Neon-Ray Clock Company Montreal, Quebec, Sign has bracket on back so it can sit on a counter or designed to hang on a wall. The face is glass. These signs are considered hard to find and rare. Measures 15" in diameter. Perfect condition.

Raybestos Brake Lining Light Up Sign

RAYBESTOS BRAKE LINING MOLDED PLASTIC IN STEEL CASING DOUBLE SIDED LIGHT UP SIGN. " CONTROL BRAKE HEAT AND WEAR". Circa 1950's. Measures 22 1/2" in length X 12" in width X 6" in depth. Sign hangs with chain.Made in Canada by Wolfe Bros. Advertising Industries Limited. Sign is working and in excellent condition.

Watson's Tailored Underwear Light Up Sign

WATSON'S TAILORED UNDERWEAR LIGHT UP SIGN. The Standard of Excellence..circa 1950's. Plastic face, tin body designed to sit on counter top or hang on a wall. Plastic face is in great condition but has a couple of very light scratches on first "S" in Watson's and a nickle size portion of paint loss on bottom left hand corner. very unusual sign.

Remington Firearms Light Up Clock

REMINGTON FIREARMS 1960'S MOLDED PLASTIC LIGHT UP ADVERTISING CLOCK.Measures 21 1/2" in length X 17" in width. REMINGTON ..THE MOST FAMOUS..NAME IN SHOOTING SINCE 1816. Canadian made by "Associated Advertising Limited Weston Canada. Top advertising section in great condition. Bottom clock section wording "Remington & Dupont slightly faded. Only one 1/2" crack in plastic along outside edge. A fairly scarce Canadian advertising clock.

Gold Seal Floor & Wall Coverings Electric Advertising Clock

1950'S GOLD SEAL GONGOLEUM CANADA LIMITED FLOOR & WALL COVERINGS ELECTRIC ADVERTISING CLOCK.Works perfectly. Measures 16" in diameter. Real neat metal case all around outside edge. Made by Luxor Clocks Inc.

Labbatt's Blue Beer Neon Sign

LABATT'S BLUE BEER NEON SIGN WITH RED MAPLE LEAF.Measures 31" in length X 14 1/2" in height. Three color sign in red, white & blue. Excellent working condition.

Foster's Lager Beer Neon Sign

FOSTER'S LAGER BEER NEON SIGN. Measures 26" in length X 13" in height. Crocodile in green and white with blue lettering.

Corona Extra Neon Sign

CORONA EXTRA NEON BAR SIGN. Measures  36" in length X 9" in width. Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Budweiser Beer Neon Sign

BUDWEISER BEER NEON SIGN. Great small size measuring just 19 1/2" in length X 14" in width. Metal hanging frame is 21 1/2" X 17 1/2".


Pizza Available Neon Sign

PIZZA AVAILABLE NEON SIGN. New not vintage. Protected in plexiglass case that measures 27" in length X 19" in width. Blue and red. Neat kitchen sign or even better if you own a restaurant or bar that serves pizza. Sorry no shipping on neon signs but will deliver to shows that we participate in. Check for one in your area..


O'Keefe Beer Advertisng Clock

1960'S O'KEEFE ALE ELECTRIC LIGHT UP BEER ADVERTISING CLOCK.These were given to corner stores in the province of Quebec for advertising O'Keefe products. Measures 15" square. Great bar perfectly..


Carling's Red Cap Light Up Sign

CARLING'S RED CAP ALE 1950'S LIGHT UP SIGN.The Red Cap letters and the cap are raised off the sign. Measures only 16 1/2" in length X 4" in width X 3" in depth.Excellent working condition. Has a string to hang it but in our experience this would of had a metal chain at one time. Made by Accessories Mfrs.Ltd. for ILLI & MACCALUM. Has a very old Canadian Standards Association label on back so this sign was used or made for the Canadian market. Excellent size and condition.


Barber Shop Clock

1950'S BARBER SHOP CLOCK WITH MOLDED PLASTIC FACE AND BODY. Blank panel at top is a courtesy panel for the barber's name.Lettering available at most craft stores if you want to place your own name there..Measures 21 1/2" in length X 17 1/2" in width X 4 1/2" in depth. Made in Canada by Associated Advertising Weston Ontario. Chrome rim.


Labatt Beer Neon Sign

LABATT 50 BEER FOUR COLOR NEON SIGN.Measures 24" in length X 14" in height.  Sorry no shipping on neon signs but we will deliver to shows on our schedule.


Mechanical Advertising Clock

1950's NEON MECHANICAL ADVERTISING CLOCK.Made by Action Ad Clock Co. 229 W Illinios St. Chicago. This clock is in excellent working condition and comes in it's original factory made carrying case. There is a drum on the left hand portion that rotates every 10-15 seconds and rotates the cardboard signs with advertising on them. Excellent overall condition. Fabulous find.


Ottawa Senators Molson Neon Sign

OTTAWA SENATORS MOLSON CANADIAN NEON BEER SIGN.Measures 42" in length X 13" in height. Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Molson Candian Hockey Player Neon Sign

MOLSON CANADIAN HOCKEY PLAYER SHOOTING PUCK NEON BEER SIGN. Three color neon measures 40" in length X 20" in height. Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Molson Neon Hockey Stick

MOLSON CANADIAN GOALIE STICK NEON BEER SIGN.Measures 50" in length x 18" in width. Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Labatt Genuine Draft Neon Sign

Labatt's Genuine Draft Neon Beer Sign. Measures 27" in length X 18" in width.



Rickard's Neon Sign

RICKARD'S ON DRAUGHT NEON BEER SIGN.Measures 27" in length X 20" in height.Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Moosehead Neon Sign

MOOSEHEAD BEER NEON BEER SIGN."QUALITY & TRADITION".Measures 24" in length X 24" in width. Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Molson Ice Neon Sign

MOLSON ICE NEON BEER SIGN. Measures 21" in length X 18" in width. Local pick-up only or we can deliver to any of the shows we participate in.


Art Deco Neon Clock

1930'S ART DECO NEON SIGN.Original "pink" neon tubing around outside works. Neon "numbers" inside are all intact but do not light up. Second hand turns but clock does not.Metal casing looks like it has been re-painted and looks great. Measures 26" in diameter. Fabulous art deco clock.


Pabst Blue Ribbon Light Up Sign

PABST BLUE RIBBON 1960'S MOLDED PLASTIC MODULAR ILLUMINATED WINDOW DISPLAY SIGN. Plastic face with tin frameing. Measures 26" in length X 10 1/2" in width. Made by Embosograph Display Mfg. Co. Chicago Illinois 60614. Property of Pabst Brewing Co. Milwaukee Peuria Heights Los Angeles Newark. One 1" small crack running along a seam along the folded over top edge. Works great.


Dr. McCann Archsta Light-Up Sign

DR. McCANN ARCHSTA FOR ACTIVE WOMEN FLASHING LIGHT UP SIGN IN ORIGINAL SHADOW BOX.Circa 1930's. When plugged in the light inside the metal case flashes on and off. Original picture frame wood frame has some paint loss but in no way detracts from this piece. The advertising glass sign is etched and reverse painted. It is in excellent condition. Neat pharmacy or medical advertising collectible item.


RCA Victor Clock

RCA VICTOR RADIO - TELEVISION PLASTIC MOLDED CLOCK WITH OUTSIDE WIRE FRAME. Circa 1950-60's. Depicts RCA NIPPER logo at top. Plastic is excellent. The hands look like they were originally black but some one over time decided it was too hard to see and painted them white. Otherwise all original and in excellent condition.


Neon Clock

TWO COLOR RAY-NEON CLOCK COMPANY CLOCK. Circa 1930'S. Measures 22" in height X 19" in width. Has a panel that pulls out of the side with slots for three lines of advertising. Would be great for advertising any business. Neon is blue and red. Working perfectly. It has its original electrical cord that should definately be changed.



Borden Light Up Sign

BORDEN DAIRY  PRODUCTS 1950'S LIGHT UP SIGN. Made by Dairy Products Advertising Weston Ontario. Measures 18" in length X 10 1/2" in width X 5 1/2" in depth. Excellent working condition.


Molson Dry Neon Sign

MOLSON DRY NEON BOTTLE SIGN. Modern sign. Measures 31" in length X 10" in width. Excellent working condition.


Planters Peanuts Plastic Light Up Sign

PLANTERS PEANUTS PLASTIC LIGHT UP SIGN. Measures 30" in length X 16" in width X 5" in depth.From Hershey Canada Ltd. Face of sign is moulded plastic. Working and in excellent condition.


Miller Lite Light-Up Sign

MILLER LITE 3-D MOLDED PLASTIC LIGHT-UP SIGN.Measures 19" in length X 14" in width. Nice warm soft look!


Schlitz Beer Plastic Light Up Sign

SCHLITZ BEER PLASTIC LIGHT UP SIGN. LOOKS LIKE A NEON TUBE SIGN.From Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. Milwaukee U.S.A.. Measures 19" in length X 14" in width.


Miller Genuine Draft Neon Beer Sign

MGD MILLER GENUINE DRAFT NEON BEER SIGN. Yellow neon letters. Mesures 26" in length X 12" in width.


Neon Sign Molson Lager

MOLSON LAGER neon beer sign. Great colors and size. Measures only 21" in length X 10" in height. Perfect working condition. Great for your bar or rec room.


Corona Beer Neon Sign

CORONA BEER neon sign with bottle and palm tree. Tri color yellow-green & blue. Measures 22" in length X 14" in width.