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A bride who strapped her newborn to the train of her wedding gown demonstrated her lack of parenting skills for the entire world to see when she posted a picture of this atrocious deed and it went viral online. Instead of having the one-month-old baby attend this wedding in the comfort of a loved one's arms, the bride and new mother dragged the baby behind her down the aisle, according to The Stir on June 2.

Shonda Carter-Brooks wore her White by Vera Wing for David's Bridal wedding dress and looked like a beautiful bride from the front. From behind she looked like a mother who took a big risk with her newborn by attaching the baby to cheap ray bans for sale the train of her gown.

This wasn't a last minute decision by the bride, this was a premeditated act of bad parenting as she had the train of her gown altered and fitted with a gadget to strap her baby into the fabric. It sounds as if she actually had a seat belt created and sewn into the wedding gown.

Even the Bridal Guide website calls dragging the infant down the aisle on the train of her wedding gown "shocking." This is a website that has probably seen all types of odd things that have been done at weddings. Using a baby as an accessory is fake ray ban more than likely a first!

As you can see by the picture above, the baby was left unprotected on the train in a crowd. Someone could have tripped and landed on the baby or a chair could have accidentally been knocked over. The baby was so young that even a purse dropping and hitting the child could have injured the baby. What was this bride thinking?

Once the picture went viral online and conjured up outrage for this deed, the bride took to Facebook defending her choice of dragging the baby through her wedding. She wanted to stress that the baby was "strapped into place." Well that's great, but you can't control the environment ray bans outlet around the baby.

Using the baby as an accessory is just not an appropriate use of a baby. Maybe the bride used her child to wear as the "something new" item coming from the the old saying , "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?"

Carter-Brooks was adamant and a bit gruff-sounding when posting her reply on Facebook to all the people who pointed out the error-of-her-ways when it came to taking her baby for a ride on the train of her gown. She said her baby was "well-secured" and "awake" for the dragging down the aisle. She added:

"The answer is we do what we want when we want as long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine. So keep ya mouths running for it was just that Exclusive and Epic enough we made top blog way from small town Ripley, TN and the social media doing what they do, TALK!!!!"

Not only was it shocking to see the little baby on the floor being dragged on the wedding fake ray bans for sale train, but it was also done with a crowd of adults around. Didn't somebody pull the bride aside to let her know that mom's don't usually take their newborns for a drag, wedding or no wedding?

As The Stir points out, Carter-Brooks was "hell-bent" on arguing that her behavior with the baby was just fine. While she can argue the point all that she wants to, it isn't going to change people's minds that this was risky behavior with a newborn. When a child is put at risk, this is everyone's business!