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Imperial Oil set of 7 Hard Cover Training Manuals

IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED SET 7 HARD COVER TRAINING MANUALS. Dated 1935. This 7 volume set is complete and in mint condition. Books have instructions and training procedures on how to run your Imperial Service Station. There are photos and  charts in books as well as correspondence between new dealer and Imperial Oil Company. Books measures 7 3/4" in length X 5 3/4" in width and have between 73-99 pages in each volume. These were owned by Linsay Galloway 55 Yarmouth St. Guelph Ont. Absolutely great for an Imperial Esso collector or any gasoline/oil collector.

Super Duty Motor Fuel Tin

SUPER DUTY MOTOR FUEL 1 PINT SCREW TOP CAN. Can is 1/2 full. Measures 5 1/2" in height X 3" in diameter. From Sportco Products Philadelphia 24 PA. Super graphics of a winged rocket flying in space. Circa 1950's. Minor nicks and scratches. Very cool automotive tin.

B.P. British Petroleum Plastic Sign

B.P. (BRITISH PETROLEUM) PLASTIC SIGN.Measures 24" square. with a 2 1/4" depth. This was a back lit sign that would of been lit up. Plastic is in excellent condition. Circa 1960's.

B.P. British Petroleum Die Cut Pump Sign

B.P. ( BRITISH PETROLEUM) PLASTIC DIE CUT GASOLINE PUMP SIGN. Measures 9 1/4" in length X 10" in width. B.P. letters give sign a 3-D look. Excellent to mint condition. Circa 1960's.

Fina Hypower Gasoline Porcelain Pump Die Cut Sign

FINA HYPOWER GASOLINE PORCELAIN DIE CUT GASOLINE PUMP SIGN. Made by P & M Orillia 57. Measures 13 1/2" in length X 10 3/4" in width. Sign is in near mint to mint condition.

Blue Sunoco Single Gasoline Pump Globe Plate

BLUE SUNOCO SINGLE GASOLINE PUMP GLOBE PLATE. Measures 15" in diameter across back. Excellent condition.

Cities Service Oils Single Gasoline Pump Globe Plate

CITIES SERVICE OILS SINGLE GASOLINE PUMP GLOBE PLATE.Measures 15" in diameter across the back. Circa 1930's. Minor water stains on bottom portion of plate but no paint loss. Overall excellent condition.

4X Gasoline Pump Ad Glass

4X GASOLINE PUMP AD GLASS. Measures 12 1/2" in length X 5" in width. Found in the province of Quebec. Very scarce.

3X Gasoline Pump Plate and Matching Ad Glass

3X GASOLINE SINGLE GASOLINE PUMP PLATE AND MATCHING 3X AD GLASS FOR A PUMP. The lens measures 13 1/2" in diameter. It has scratches on face of lens. Ad glass measures 12 1/2" in length X 5" in width. These were found in the province of Quebec. I don't know if they were affiliated with anyone but their colors would suggest Imperial Oil. Very rare lens with matching ad glass.

Genuine Ford Parts Wood Die Cut Sign

INSIST ON GENUINE FORD PARTS ENGINEERED TO FIT WOOD DIE CUT PAINTED SIGN. Circa 1940's. Measures 26" in length X 12" in width. Very unusual Ford parts sign possibly made in war years 1939-1945 when companies were prohibited from using metal for anything but the war effort. Excellent patina and very decent overall condition. We have owned similar wood grained signs in the past for beer and whiskey companies but this is the first automotive one we've run across.

Service Station Credit Cards 1950's

1: Imperial Esso "Esso-Matic credit card. Paper. Dated Sept.30 1953... PRICE:$24.00
2: Imperial Esso "Esso-Matic" credit card. Paper. Dated June 30 1953...PRICE:$24.00
3: Canadian Petrofina Limited credit card. Paper Dated 1956.................PRICE:$24.00
4: Imperial Esso "Esso-Matic" credit card. Paper. Dated 1956................PRICE:$24.00
5: Canadian Petrofina credit card. Plastic. Dated 1959............................PRICE:$24.00

McColl Frontenac Lubrication Manual

McCOLL FRONTENAC OIL CO. LIMITED LUBRICATION MANUAL. Circa 1930's. Measures 7" in length X 4" in width with 55 pages. Contains lists of products and machinery/vehicles their products are designed for. Wear on cover.

Enarco Oil News 1922 Booklet

ENARCO OIL NEWS DEC. 1922. Measures 6 3/8" X 3 1/2". Booklet has 16 pages of products & tips on oil products. Booklet has been well used but is all there. A very early edition.

Red Indian Wood Ruler

RED INDIAN WOOD RULER. Measures 12" in length. LOGAN'S RED INDIAN STATION Halifax N.S...Judging by telephone number this ruler is circa 1940's.

Reliance Vitalube Motor Oil Bank

RELIANCE VITALUBE MOTOR OIL TIN BANK. Measures 4" in height with a 2 3/4" diameter. This was a premium given away by Reliance Petroleum Limited. I believe this was a Toronto based company. Tin bank is in excellent condition.

Supertest Shurone Anti-Freeze Tin

SUPERTEST SHURONE 1 GALLON ANTI-FREEZE TIN. Circa 1940's. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter. Tin is missing its' top. It is in near mint condition with only a couple minor scratches. Displays like new. Shiny clean.

Tin Embossed Muffler Sign

TIN EMBOSSED MUFFLER SIGN. CIRCA 1950'S. "WE INSTALL MUFFLERS..WALKER CERTIFIED EXHAUST SYSTEM SERVICE" Measures 39" in length X 27" in width. Nice image of a mid 50's car. Made by Stout Sign Co. St. Louis MO.U.S.A.. Real nice overall condition with just a few scratches.

Goodrich Mountie Porcelain Sign

GOODRICH MOUNTIE SAFETY TIRES PORCELAIN SIGN. Circa 1930's. Strong colors and original gloss.This is one of the most desirable Canadian automotive signs ever. The R.C.M.P. graphics and colors are spectacular.. Sign is 100% original. Measures 62 1/2" in height X 18" in width. Signed "THE W.F. VILLAS CO. LIMITED, COWANSVILLE P.Q" No less than 8 colors, red/yellow/blue/brown/green/white/black and tan.Chipping mostly on left outside edge with minor chips in other places. Very slight fading. Made for the B.F. Goodrich Tire Company.

Exide Batteries Tin Sign

EXIDE BATTERIES TIN SIGN. CIRCA 1920'S-30'S. NEAT SIZE.  Measures 35" in length X 11" in width. Very good condition with just minor areas of paint loss, minor scratches  and wear. Real nice early sign in very decent condition.

Texaco Tin Radiator Fast Flush

TEXACO RADIATOR FAST FLUSH FULL TIN. Circa 1960's. We have 5 of these. Recently picked out of an old service station. They all have minor dents on side, otherwise tins are mint. Measures 6" in height X 4" in width X 1 3/4" in depth.
PRICE:$28.00 each

Fina Oil Company Porcelain Letters

FINA OIL COMPANY CONCAVE PORCELAIN ENAMEL DIE CUT LETTERS. Curved to fit the side of an oil tanker. Letters are 16 1/2" in length X 4 1/4" in width. Some of the grommets are missing and there are chips where they were. Circa 1930's.

Shell Gasoline 30" Round Roxanna Sign

1920'S SHELL GASOLINE 30" ROUND ROXANNA SIGN. Sign has some wear. There is a large chip at topp left edge that measures 9" in length at widest point by 1 3/4" in width. In red circle in center there is a hole 2" in length X 1/2" in width and 3 other much smaller holes in sign. There are various chips primarily on outside edges. Porcelain is beautifully layered. Nice and thick. Colors are strong and bright. Still has great shine. Looks great on the wall. Very fairly priced.

1911 Ontario Porcelain License Plates

1911 ONTARIO PORCELAIN LICENSE PLATES NO. 5925. Very hard to find pairs this old that have not been split up. Each plate measure 12" in length X 6 1/2" in width. Each plate has fairly minor chipping but they also still retain excellent original gloss. A very nice pair.

Firestone Farm Tires Aluminum Sign in Original Carton

FIRESTONE FARM TIRES SIGN IN ORIGINAL SHIPPING CARTON. C. 1960's. Measures 6' in length X 14" in width. Letters are not embossed. Painted on aluminum. Sign has never been hung but does have some scratches from mis-handling . Original shipping carton is in very good condition with water stains and is stamped "FIRESTONE"ONE FIRESTONE S/F 14X72 ALUMINUM TRACKEM SIGN COPY. FARM TIRES P.O. 633-J WMS 5911"  One only..

Firestone Farm Tires Embossed Tin Sign

FIRESTONE FARM TIRES LARGE EMBOSSED TIN SIGN ENGLISH. These are new old stock signs made for the Firestone company but were never distributed. We recently acquired a small quantity that were never shipped to the Firestone dealers. Signs are original N.O.S. Circa 1990's. Measures 6' in length X 18 " in width.
PRICE:$250.00 each English

Firestone Farm Tires Embossed Tin Sign

FIRESTONE FARM TIRES (PNEUS AGRICOLES) LARGE EMBOSSED TIN SIGN FRENCH. These are new old stock signs made for the Firestone company but were never distributed. We recently acquired a small quantity that were never shipped to the Firestone dealers. Signs are original N.O.S. Circa 1990's. Measures 6' in length X 18 " in width.
PRICE:$175.00 each (French)

Firestone Farm Tires Embossed Tin Sign

FIRESTONE FARM TIRES SMALL EMBOSSED TIN SIGN ENGLISH. These are new old stock signs made for the Firestone company but were never distributed. We recently acquired a small quantity that were never shipped to the Firestone dealers. Signs are original N.O.S. Circa 1990's. Measures 32" in length X 8 " in width.
PRICE:$149.00 each (English)

Firestone Farm Tires Embossed Tin Sign

FIRESTONE FARM TIRES SMALL EMBOSSED TIN SIGN FRENCH. These are new old stock signs made for the Firestone company but were never distributed. We recently acquired a small quantity that were never shipped to the Firestone dealers. Signs are original N.O.S. Circa 1990's. Measures 32" in length X 8 " in width.
PRICE:$95.00 each (French)

Whippet and Willys-Knight Porcelain Sign

AUTHORIZED SERVICE WHIPPET AND WILLYS-KNIGHT GENUINE PARTS PORCELAIN DOUBLE SIDED SIGN. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width. Cream colored letters on brown. Circa 1920's. There is a 1 1/4" cut out on one top corner. A few chips in center of sign and outside edge chips. One side has more wear than other. Decent overall condition.

Supertest Minnitoy Pressed Steel Tanker

SUPERTEST PRESSED STEEL MINNITOY TANKER BY OTACO LIMITED ORILLIA ONTARIO.Measures 28" in length. One of a series of pressed steel toys put out by Otaco Limited in the 1950's. These tankers are uniquely Canadian and are very desirable. Tanker has all 3 decals, one on each side and one on back. One is a bit rough. Cab has Minnitoy decals  on each door. Headlights missing on cab but these are available on toy market. Paint is very decent but are scratches and wear. Overall still a very decent example of one of the more popular Canadian Oil Companies..

Lubri-Gas License Plate Topper

LUBRI-GAS LICENSE PLATE TOPPER. Measures 4 3/4" in length X 4 3/4" in width. Tin topper is in real nice condition with just a trace of rust on outside edges. Canadian.

Tin Gas Pump Hanging Sign

TIN TWO SIDED GAS PUMP HANGING SIGN. 22 CENTS GOV'T TAX 5 CENTS EXTRA.Measures 7 1/4" in length X 6" in width. Circa 1920. I believe these would hang on side of a clear vision gasoline pump. Some rust on each side. Decent overall condition.

Super Shell Gasoline and Golden Shell Motor Oil Tin Penny Bank

SCARCE SUPER SHELL GASOLINE AND GOLDEN SHELL MOTOR OIL TIN PENNY BANK.Circa 1940's. Measures 3 1/2" in height with a 2" diameter. Real nice SHELL logos. There is some corrosion around the bottom edge of tin and a bit on top. "FAST FLOWING-YET TOUGH"..SAVES ON STOP AND GO DRIVING"

Cities Service Savings Bank

CITIES SERVICE 1940'S CARDBOARD & TIN SAVINGS BANK.Measures 3 1/4" in height with a 2" diameter. Bank retains it's original shipping label and postage stamp from when it was mailed to a customer in the 1940's. A bit dirty but nothing serious. A real nice example.

Fram Filter Service Tin Thermometer

FRAM FILTER SERVICE TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1950's. Measures 39" in length X 8" in width. Made in U.S.A. FRAM CORP. PROVIDENCE, R.I. Orange border shows wear. Still displays fairly well.


Imperial Oil Limited Porcelain Sign

IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 6' in length X 17" in width. Circa 1940's. A few chips on face but colors are very strong, bright and shiny. Displays great.


Farmers Union Full Power Gasoline Globe

ORIGINAL FARMERS UNION FULL POWER GASOLINE GLOBE WITH TWO 12 3/8" x 5" ORIGINAL GAS PUMP AD GLASS SIGNS. Globe is a 3 piece, all glass. One plate is excellent with the second side having a half moon 7" long crack at bottom left. Ad glass plates are discolored. Still all very decent.



White Rose Gun Grease Tin

WHITE ROSE PRESSURE GUN GREASE SMALL 1 LB TIN. Measures 4 1/4" in height  with a 3 1/2" diameter. From Canadian Oil Companies Limited. Some light overall wear. Still displays nicely. Cute little size. Circa 1950's.


Oilzum Motor Oil Tin Sign

OILZUM MOTOR OIL "CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS" TIN SIGN. Measures 6' in length X3' in width. Made by A-M Inc. Lynchburg, VA 3-75. Some dents and creases but nothing serious. Displays great. Back of sign is stamped "FROM ALLEN MORRISION INC. 2- 5'x6' FRAMED OILZUM SIGNS THE WHITE & BAGLEY CO." .. (WE ONLY HAVE 1 SIGN)



Fina Porcelain Sign

FINA PORCELAIN SIGN. "PRIVATE PROPERTY PETROLEUM STORAGE DO NOT ENTER CANADIAN PETROFINA LIMITED" Sign measures 20" in length X 14" in width. One chip on top right hand corner, Porcelain is shiny and bright. Circa 1950's.



Chevrolet Nova 400 Sport Coupe Showroom Display Sign

CHEVROLET 1963 CHEVY II NOVA 400 SPORT COUPE SUPER MODEL CARDBOARD AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM SIGN. Features 1963 CHEVY II S.S. Measures 32" in length X 18" in width. Has two holes at top for hanging and a couple small tears in paper. Not serious. Litho in U.S.A. from a car dealership in Arnprior Ontario.

Chevrolet Trucks Showroom Display Sign

CHEVROLET TRUCKS 1961 THICK CARDBOARD AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM SIGN. Features 1961 CORVAIR 95 CORVAN as well as a FLEETWOOD pickup. Sign has 4 tiny nail holes barely noticeable. Measures 32" in length X 18" in width. Litho in U.S.A. from a dealership in Arnprior Ontario.Very minor wear.

Chevrolet Corvair Monza Coupe Showroom Display Sign

CHEVROLET CORVAIR 1963 MONZA COUPE THICK CARDBOARD AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM SIGN. Features 1963 CORVAIR MONZA COUPE. Measures 32" in length X 18" in width. Has two holes punched in top to hang. Litho in U.S.A. from a Chevrolet dealership in Arnprior Ontario.

Supertest Cleaning Solvent Tin

SUPERTEST CLEANING SOLVENT 1 GAL CAN. CIRCA 1960'S. Tin measures 10" in height X 7 1/2" in width X 3 1/4" in depth. Missing screw cap. Minor dents and rust spots. Very decent overall condition.


1952 Chevrolet Price Chart

1952 CHEVROLET SHOWROOM PRICE CHART.Heavy stock cardboard. Measures 33 1/2" in length X 25 1/2" in width. Excellent condition with minor signs of wear.


Automobile Club Tourist Sign

ESSEX COUNTY AUTOMOBILE CLUB APPROVED TOURIST GUIDEBOOK OF ONTARIO STEEL PAINTED 2 SIDED SIGN. Marked S.T.M.S 64. Measures 24" in length X 13 1/2" in width. Chips and scratches in paint. Displays fairly well. One we don't find very often.


GM Canada Retirement Gold Pin

GM CANADA 10K GOLD RETIREMENT PIN.Measures 5/8" X 9/16". Has GM RETIREMENT, 2 maple leaves and an early open touring car with spoke wheels on front. Back is marked MTM 10K. Comes in its original box which is not very old.


Supertest 5 Year Service Pin

SUPERTEST 5 YEAR SERVICE PIN. Rough condition. Some enamel missing.

From the Supertest Service Station of Mr. A. McClelland 235 Montreal Road Kingston, Ontario that closed in 1974.


Wonder Worker Brand Sign

WONDER WORKER BRAND MOTOR CAR NECESSITIES cardboard sign. Measures 19 1/2"in length  X 13" in width. From the Hall_Tthompson Co. Hartford, Conn. U.S.A. & Montreal  Canada. Made by the Up-To-Date Adv. Co. Oanisteo N.Y. Heavy waxy cardboard sign was found recently in a garage that has been closed for a long time in Eastern Ontario. Minor wear mostly on edges. WW1  vintage.


Supertest Parking Violation Card

SUPERTEST SERVICE STATION "PARKING VIOLATION" Measures 6 3/4" X 3 1/2". This card was used by Supertest Stations to notify drivers that they were parking on their property illegally. 1950's. Excellent condition.


Good Year Tires Employee Badge

GOOD YEAR TIRES NEW TORONTO TIN and CELLULOID EMPLOYEES BADGE. Measures 1 3/4" in diameter. Badge made by Whitehead & Hoag.


Ontario Automobile Association Sign

1960 ONTARIO AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION painted steel 2 sided sign.Measures 20" in length X 20" in width. Marked "S.T.M.S. 60"Both sides are very clean. One side has very minor rust spots along bottom edge. Pictures automobile & large maple leaf.


White Rose Anti-Freeze Tin

WHITE ROSE ANTI-FREEZE 1 gallon can. Measures 8" in height X 7" in diameter. Top missing and tiny hole on upper rim. From Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. Great colors but there are lots of small nicks and scratches. Still displays nicely. c.1940's.


ETHYL Gasoline Decals

ETHYL Gasoline Corporation 10" round vinyl decals for gas pumps. I had these decals made in the 1980's to use when restoring gas pumps. Excellent quality. They dress up gas pumps quite nicely. Small quantity available.

PRICE:$18.00 each