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Memorial Day 2014 is a day to cheap toms online store honor those who have served in the military and while this isn’t a traditional gift-giving holiday, the gift of “thanks” can go a long way. This is where sending an ecard comes in. What a perfect way to send a sincere thank-you to that person or people you know who have served in the military.

While Memorial Day means the start of summer and a day off for work, this is not what the majority of veterans of the armed forces are thinking about today. They are honoring their fallen brothers and sisters. Penn Live suggests on May 24, not to lose perspective of what this day means to the vets of this nation.

Sending an Ecard to that vet, might just make their day. Most of the vets have quietly served and didn’t do their part for this country expecting any thanks, but it is still nice to hear just how much your time in the service was appreciated. The Wall Street Journal reminds their readers to respect veterans with "respect and not pity" today.

Memorial Day picnics, sales and trips are all underway and yes it is a welcomed day off for most people, but why not stop for a minute to remember the true meaning behind the Memorial Day holiday. This is a great time to say thanks to your family member or friend who served proudly in the cheap toms U.S. military. It only takes a minute to send an ecard, but this could make someone's day.

Ecards are free and super easy to obtain and send. There are toms outlet store tons of ecard websites out there to use, but many suck you in with the offer of a very limited array of ecards that are free and then show you the cards that are wonderful, but come with a price!

This is one holiday that a more traditional ecard of thanks would apply instead of sending something you would consider funny. There are some comical Memorial Day ecards, but the majority offer a sincere word of thanks, which is more appropriate for this somber occasion.

Here are some of the top ecard websites offering free ecards for Memorial Day 2014:

American Greetings Memorial Day ecards: This is a tried and true website for ecards for any occasion. They offer a wide-variety of free ecards for the Memorial Day holiday. From cards that offer a Memorial Day prayer to cards that offer words of why “we remember,” you won’t have a problem finding the perfect holiday ecard here.

Someecards Memorial Day ecards: When thanking the vet on your list, Someecards offers a wide variety for doing this with their ecards. They not only offer cards for vets, but cards that allow you to just to say “Happy Memorial Day” to a loved one.

123 Greetings free cheap toms online store Memorial Day ecards: They offer any type of ecard you can conjure up for this holiday. They have been around for a long time, just like the other two ecard suppliers above. Their ecards say thank you for your service in many different ways, so picking out something perfect for the vet you have in mind
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