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Tin Toy Panoramic Overland Bus

PANORAMIC OVERLAND BUS TIN TOY. Made in Japan by SAN. Measures 12 3/4" in length X 4 1/2" in height X 3 3/4" in width. License plate dates the toy to 1956. Tin litho bus is friction. Friction does work. There are tin litho passengers in the windows. Toy has been played with and has minor wear. Very decent overall condition.

Toy Double Decker Bus with Shell Gasoline & Mobilgas Advertising

DOUBLE DECKER 1960'S TIN TOY BUS WITH SHELL GASOLINE AND MOBILGAS ADVERTISING. Toy made in Japan by ATD. Friction powered. Measures 8 3/4" in length X 4" in height X 2 3/4" in width. Has minor play wear. Very nice overall condition.

Supertest Minnitoy Pressed Steel Tanker

SUPERTEST PRESSED STEEL MINNITOY TANKER BY OTACO LIMITED ORILLIA ONTARIO.Measures 28" in length. One of a series of pressed steel toys put out by Otaco Limited in the 1950's. These tankers are uniquely Canadian and are very desirable. Tanker has all 3 decals, one on each side and one on back. One is a bit rough. Cab has Minnitoy decals  on each door. Headlights missing on cab but these are available on toy market. Paint is very decent but are scratches and wear. Overall still a very decent example of one of the more popular Canadian Oil Companies..

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Celluloid Dancing Toy

MICKEY MOUSE & MINNIE MOUSE SUPER RARE 1930'S CELLULOID DANCING COUPLE. Tin base with working wind up mechanism. Measures 3 1/2" in height. Celluloid is in excellent condition with one tiny dent in one of Mickey's ears on back. Stamped Disney and STS in triangle on Mickey's back. This is one very rare Mickey/Minnie toy. 100% untouched and original. To view toy in action check out VIDEOS tab on website navigation panel.

Tonka Toy Chevron Delivery Truck 2165 in Original Box

TONKA TOY CHEVRON PACKAGE DELIVERY TRUCK 2165 IN ORIGINAL NEVER OPENED BOX. The toy inside has never been taken out. The tape sealing the box is intact. One end shows some one thought of opening the toy but never did. Circa 1960's.  You can not find a better example. Box is in excellent -mint condition. Box measures 20 1/2" in length X 7 1/4" in width X 4 1/2" in depth.

Tonka Toy Chevron Tanker 3166 in Original Box

TONKA TOY CHEVRON TANKER TRUCK 3166 IN ORIGINAL NEVER OPENED BOX. The toy inside has never been taken out. The tape sealing box is 100% intact and original. Circa 1960's You can not possibly find a better example. Box is in mint condition. Measures 16 1/2" in length X 7" in width X 6 1/4" in depth.

Penny Toy Horse Pulling Tin Fruit Cart

TIN LITHO FRICTION PENNY TOY OF HORSE WITH TIN MAN PULLING A FRUIT CART.Circa 1950's. Made in Japan by ALPS. Measures 4 3/4" in length X 2" in height. Very colorful toy is in working condition.Beautiful litho.

U.S. Air Force FC 657 Battery Operated Remote Control Fighting Jet

U.S.AIR FORCE FC 657 BATTERY OPERATED REMOTE CONTROL FIGHTING JET IN ORIGINAL BOX. Circa 1960. Jet measures 7" in length  with a 6" wingspan. Original box is in excellent -near mint condition. Toy has teenie tiny nicks from being packed. Louis Marx & Co. Made in Japan.

Porky Pig With Tree Stump Still Bank

PORKY PIG WITH TREE STUMP METAL BANK. Circa 1940's. Signed W.B.C ( Warner Brothers) Measures 5 3/4" in length X 3" in width X 4 1/4" in height. Bank is complete with original key & coin trap. There are a few tiny chips on Porky and a couple of minute edge chips on base. Overall paint is excellent and all original.

Columbia Tower Cast Iron Still Bank

Columbia Cast Iron Still Bank in excellent original condition..circa 1910..measures 7" in height.


RCA Nipper Dog Bank

RCA NIPPER DOG BANK. Ceramic circa 1950's. Measures 6 1/4" in height. Has original "NIPPER RCA CORP Made in Japan" label on bottom. We have never seen one of these before. Mint condition. Coin slot on Nippers back.

Corgi Army Field Kitchen Toy # 359

CORGI TOY # 359 ARMY FIELD KITCHEN IN ORIGINAL BOX. Toy is mint & 100% original. Box is complete but has minor wear an edges and minor creases.

Renwal Speed King #5 Plastic Car

SPEED KING#5 RENWAL HARD PLASTIC RACE CAR. Measures 6 1/4" in length. This is a 4 color toy. Marked on bottom "A Renwal Product No. 58 Made in U.S.A." "RENWAL" marked on all 4 wheels.  No breaks or cracks in plastic.

Stoneware Penny Bank

STONEWARE PENNY BANK. Circa 1900. Depicts a pig hugging a $10,000.00 bag of money.  Measures 4 1/2" in height X 3 1/2" in width . Bank has 3 tiny nicks on coin slot. The number 7334 is inscribed on bottom. Nice penny bank. Nice redware piece.


Toy Sandpail

J.J.JOUBERT LTD. 1 GALLON TIN ICE CREAM CONTAINER. Designed to be used as a childrens sandpail when emplty. Measures 8 1/2" in height with a 6 1/2" diameter.Pail is from Montreal Canada. Beautiful images of children playing on the beach on both sides. Minor wear.


Horse Toy

HAND PAINTED HORSE AND WHEEL TIN TOY ON WHEELS. Measures 7" in length X 3 1/2" in height. red paint on wheel is flaking. Paint on horse is all original and in excellent condition. Not marked as to maker or origin but certainly dates from early 1900's. All original.


Tin Toy Robot Hoppers

1960's ROBOT TIN WIND UP "HOPPERS". Measures 3 1/4" in height. Silver and Red versions. Both in excellent working condition. Made in Japan by YONE. All tin with plastic feet. Very minor scratches.

PRICE:$75.00 each

Tin Litho Cowboy Clicker Toy

TIN LITHO COWBOY CLICKER.Larger than most clickers at 4" in length X 3 3/4" in width. Made by KIRCHHOF, NEWARK, N.J. Circa 1950's.When you press the clicker on the back he raises his arm and the "clicker" sound simulates the shots. Some wear on top of his cowboy hat. Overall very nice condition.


Tin Toy Sand Pail

TIN TOY LITHO SANDPAIL. Circa 1950's made in Canada by Eagle Toys. Great colors. Minor wear. Nice pail. Hard plastic handle. Measures 5" in height with a 5 1/2" diameter.


1930's Musical Top

CIRCA 1930'S MUSICAL TOP IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH ORIGINAL INSERT IN BOX.Made in Germany.Large musical top has very minor signs of wear & still retains all of its original gloss. Colorful images of children playing on top. Box lid is missing 2 inches of a side flap. Great colors and great condition of toy and box.









SNAPPING ALIGATOR TIN WIND-UP TOY IN ORIGINAL BOX. Assembled the toy measures 12" in length. Wind-up mechanism working. Made by S&E Japan. Box is very colorful and in excellent condition. Great action toy.


Zorro Cape & Mask Walt Disney















ZORRO CAPE & MASK outfit. c. 1960's Copyright Walt Disney Productions. Made by Make Believe Play Suits Montreal. Mint condition never opened. Package neasures 11" in length X 9" in width.



Mask Funny Clown

THE FUNNY CLOWN MASK C.1960'S. Made in Hong Kong Mint in package never opened.















Roly Poly Clown

















ROLY POLY CLOWN. Large 12" size. Great color. Minor chipping mostly on edges. c.1920. Composition  paper mache.


Hubley Cast Iron Toy

HUBLEY CAST IRON WRECKER. Measures 4 1/2" in length. Red truck has been overpainted with orange and green paint. No breaks in casting.




















Wind-Up Leopard Toy






Nice old wind-up toy. Cloth covered metal body, plastic head. In excellent working condition.Animal growls and slithers along. Measures 12" from tip of tail to nose.


Walt Disney Donald Duck Toy

Linemar Donald Duck trapeze wind-up toy. Measures 9" to top of flag. Copyright Walt Disney Productions..Working condition.

















































Tin Clicker Monkey

Tin clicker monkey playing fiddle. Marked "Japan" c.1930's Measures 2 1/4" in height. Old store stock near mint condition.


Hudson's Bay Doll
















Koweeka & Hudson's Bay doll. original outfit. Measures 15" in length.Rubber body with medium length jet black hair.

PRICE: $125.00 ..............KUE