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McCully Feeds Canadian Tin Sign

McCULLY FEEDS CANADIAN TIN EMBOSSED FEED SIGN. Made by St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. Measures 23 1/4" in length X 17" in width. Very colorful. Neat electrical bolts around edge. Sign is shiny &  bright but does have minor scratches. Displays very well. Circa 1940's. No mounting holes indicates it was never used.

Canada Dry Double Bubble Advertising Clock

CANADA DRY DOUBLE BUBBLE 1940'S ADVERTISING WALL CLOCK. Made to resemble a pocket watch. Perfect working condition. This is considered one of the best double bubble advertising clocks made. Measures 15" in diameter. Beautiful advertising clock in excellent condition.

Pepsi-Cola Light Up Sign

PEPSI COLA 1950'S LIGHT UP SIGN. Convex glass sign reads "DRINK Pepsi-Cola The Light refreshment" Made in Canada by Canadian Neon-Ray Clock Company Montreal, Quebec, Sign has bracket on back so it can sit on a counter or designed to hang on a wall. The face is glass. These signs are considered hard to find and rare. Measures 15" in diameter. Perfect condition.

Brading Breweries 1940 Calendar

BRADING'S BREWERIES (OTTAWA) 1940 CALENDAR IN ORIGINAL WOOD MARKED "BRADING'S" FRAME. Measures 17 1/2" in length X 11 3/4" in width. They actually made this using original Brading's beer labels of the day.Bottom section still has original Nov. and Dec. date pads. Top section has glass covering the advertising which has protected it over the years leaving it in mint condition. Bottom would not of had glass to enable the removal of date pads.

Olympic Cola Tin Advertising Sign

OLYMPIC COLA TIN SIGN.  Made in Canada and signed "STMS 64" Sign is embossed and overall in very nice condition with only light nicks and scratches. Only seen a handful of these over the years. Features a downhill skier and a diver. Neat 1964 advertising Canadian sign. Measures 29" in length X 23 1/4" in width.

Tin Advertising Thermometer Couvoir Chabot

COUVOIR CHABOT ST. JUDE P.Q CHICKS FEED ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Dated 1965. Measures 17" in length X 5" in width. Excellent condition with only very minor scratches.

Dominion White Label Ale Serving Tray

DOMINION WHITE LABEL ALE 1940'S CANADIAN BEER SERVING TRAY. Measures 13" in diameter. These trays were used in bars and taverns and are generally found all scratched up. These one was hardly used as it still has nice gloss and shine. Only a few nicks and scratches. Nice image of 3 beagles. This was a Toronto brewery.

Levis Red Tag Wood Advertising Sign

LEVIS RED TAG WOOD ADVERTISING SIGN.Measures 36" in length X 16 1/2" in width. Plywood board is 1/4" thick. This sign would be 1960's -70's ..$39.99 was the price back in the day. Sign is in excellent condition. Black you see in photos are knots in wood bleeding through the paint after 50 years. Sign is in excellent condition. We also have a light up GWG sign listed...check it out..

Trade Sign Dentist

TRADE SIGN DR. E.B. BAKER DENTIST 2 SIDED.This sign has a sand finish with gold lettering. Picker that brought it in says he found it in Cornwall, Ontario. Measures 32 1/2" in length X 19" in width. Has original cast iron brackets for mounting. One side is slightly scratched, not seriously. The piece of molding that fits against the wall is missing. Not a big deal as you would not see it anyways when sign is mounted on a post or wall. Nice example of an early  trade sign. Circa 1900.

Gold Medal Coffee Tin Sign

GOLD MEDAL COFFEE TIN SIGN. Circa 1920-30's. "You'll drink it again" Sign measures 19 1/2" in length X 9 1/4" in width. Sign was made in Canada by McDonald Mfg. Co. Limited Toronto. Excellent condition with just minor signs of wear. Super clean Canadian coffee sign.

Mountain Dew Cardboard Carton Insert Rare

MOUNTAIN DEW CARDBOARD CARTON INSERT. Circa 1960's. Measures 9" in length X 4 5/8" in width. This carton insert would have been in a 6 pack carton of Mountain Dew. YA-HOOO Mountain Dew Git Yore Own Gin-U-Ine Hillbilly Hat JUST SEND IN 6 CORK LINERS BRANDED "MOUNTAIN DEW AND $1.00 SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR DETAILS"  back of ad reads " HILLBILLY HAT P.O. BOX 6368 MONTREAL QUEBEC Enclosed please find 6 cork liners branded MOUNTAIN DEW and a money order or postal note for $1.00 plus provincial tax (if applicable). Please send me one Hillbilly Hat."  Cardboard is in excellent condition with minor staining. VERY RARE MOUNTAIN DEW AD.

Canadian Country Store Collectibles Book

CANADIAN COUNTRY STORE COLLECTIBLES 2ND EDITION. (1997) Great 196 page book that is full of pictures and a price quide of Canadian country store collectibles, tin, signs,display cabinets, dispensers and anything else found or used in a general store. There is very little written on Canadian country store items. Bill Hogan & Ed Locke authors.

Pepsi-Cola Canadian Steel Embossed Sign

PEPSI COLA 5 CENTS DOUBLE DOT CANADIAN HEAVY STEEL EMBOSSED SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 49" in length X 16" in width. Made for the French Canadian market in Quebec Canada. Sign features a 12 oz. bottle and in its day this would have been a paper label bottle. Surprisingly the sign is made in U.S.A. Sign has light overall wear &  scratches.Colors remain strong and bright. Has an embossed bottle and a thick embossed outside border. Displays great.

Dawes Black Horse Lithograph Print Captivator

DAWES BLACK HORSE ALE and PORTER 1930'S LITHOGRAPH PRINT. These prints were made for taverns and bars in the 1930's. This one is titled "CAPTIVATOR" and measures 16 1/2" in length X 10 1/2" in width.  There is a series  of these prints and this one is quite scarce.Framed in a modern frame. Print guaranteed old and original.

Ontario Natural Gas Storage and Pipelines Porcelain Sign

ONTARIO NATURAL GAS STORAGE AND PIPELINES LIMITED PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 48" in length X 37 1/2" in height. A few tiny chips on face of sign. Colors strong and bright.

Sunlight Soap Porcelain Sign

SUNLIGHT SOAP PORCELAIN SIGN "GUARANTEE OF PURITY". Circa 1910. Measures 18" in length X 12" in width. This sign has been professionally restore. On the back of sign is a photo of what the sign looked like before it was restored. There was not a lot done to it. Although the sign is in British Pounds, the sign was picked in Newfoundland. The restoration job is fabulous. One end of display box mentions that they won awards in Chicago in 1893 and Paris in 1900. The sign id offering a 1,000 pound reward to any person who can prove this soap manufactured by Lever Brothers limited Port Sunlight contains any form of adulteration whatsoever or contains any injurious chemicals. Great sign!

Orange Crush Flared Advertising Glasses

ORANGE CRUSH T.M. REG. U.S. PAT OFF. FRUIT FLAVORED DRINK FLARED GLASSES. Circa 1930's. Measures 4 7/8" in height with a 2 1/4 opening on top. Silkscreen printing is in excellent condition on all 6 glasses.

PRICE:$240.00 set of 6

Peterborough Boats Tin Advertising Sign

PETERBOROUGH BOATS TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 31 1/2" in length X 23 1/2" in width. Embossed lettering. PETERBOROUGH VENTES SERVICE SALES. Blank section at bottom is a courtesy panel for the merchants name. Unused. Sign made in Canada by BARKER SIGNS 1965.  Small corner missing to left hand corner. Light scratches and wear.


Workmen's Compensation Act Porcelain Sign

WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION ACT PORCELAIN SIGN. Circa 1920's. This sign would of been hung in a factory to allow all employees to know what their rights and obligations were in terms of workmen's compensation act. Heavy thick layered porcelain. Chips around mounting holes and one on left hand border.


Watson's Tailored Underwear Light Up Sign

WATSON'S TAILORED UNDERWEAR LIGHT UP SIGN. The Standard of Excellence..circa 1950's. Plastic face, tin body designed to sit on counter top or hang on a wall. Plastic face is in great condition but has a couple of very light scratches on first "S" in Watson's and a nickle size portion of paint loss on bottom left hand corner. very unusual sign.

Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe Showroom Display Sign

CHEVROLET IMPALA 1962 THICK CARDBOARD AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM SIGN. Features 1962 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. Measures 32" in length X 18" in width. Has very minor water damage in top left corner. Litho in U.S.A.. Real nice sign from a Chevrolet dealership in Arnprior Ontario.Check out the gas and oil section to view more of these signs..

Frost's Orillia Eyes Scientifically Tested Tin Sign

EYES SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED AT FROST'S ORILLIA TIN SIGN.  Circa 1900 sign features a Victorian woman holding her eye glasses. Sign measures 28" in length X 20" in width. Sign was made by JOSEPH PRICE TORONTO. Orillia is a city north of Toronto. Nice graphics and bright colors. Painted tin sign is in excellent overall condition.

U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs Brass Plaque

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE BUREAU OF NARCOTICS & DANGEROUS DRUGS BRASS PLAQUE MOUNTED ON WOOD FRAME. Brass plaque measures 13" in diameter with a  thickness of 3/4". Very heavy. Wood frame appears to be walnut. Frame measures 21" in length X 18" in width. Both are in excellent condition.

Tin Fire Sign



Consulado Del Peru Porcelain Sign

CONSULADO DEL PERU LARGE OVAL PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 30" in length X 24" in width. Hard to date. Porcelain is nicely layered and has great details, lots of colors. Chip touch ups at a couple of mounting holes and on a couple of the letters as well as a few on the outside yellow border. Nice shiny bright colors.


Wood-Milne Rubber Heels Early Porcelain Sign

WOOD-MILNE RUBBER HEELS HEAVY PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 51" in length X 42" in width. "Exercise without Headache and Fatique is secured by wearing WOOD-MILNE Rubber Heels" "LOOK FOR THE NAME WOOD-MILNE ON THE HEEL". Heavy thick sign is early and has neat graphics. We believe it to be circa 1910. Bottom right hand corner missing and several chips and holes around outside edges.Center is clean, porcelain is shiny, and bright. Great early sign.


Wooden Meat Market Sign

C. GREGOIRE MARCHE DE VIANDES WOODEN 2 SIDED HANGING SIGN FOR A MEAT MARKET IN QUEBEC CANADA.. Telephone number TLE- 96-W-11 estimates the date of the sign to be 1950's. Measures 49" in length X 22" in width. Signed Mado Lavalee sign painter. Paint is in excellent overall condition especially for an outdoor sign.


Dr. Blumer's Baking Powder Strip Sign

DR. BLUMER'S THE WORLDS FAVORITE BAKING POWDER TIN LITHO STRIP SIGN..Circa 1920. White on black. Made in U.S.A.Measures 24" in length X 4" in width. Excellent condition but does have 2 nail holes where it was mounted at one time. Nice baking powder item.



Martin - Senour Paint Porcelain Flange Sign

MARTIN-SENOUR 100% PURE PAINT & VARNISHES SOLD HERE PORCELAIN ENAMEL 2 SIDED ADVERTISING FLANGED SIGN. Die cut sign measures 20" in length X 14" In width. Circa 1920's.Sign depicts a hand with a brush. There are very minor light rust staining that we are sure will come off. There are small chips in the face of the sign on both sides. None major. There are small chips around the mounting holes on the flanged edge of the sign. Displays very nicely.


Waterllo Mutual Insurance Sign

WATERLOO MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY TIN OVER CARDBOARD HANGING SIGN. Head office Waterloo Ontario. Made by St. Thomas Metal Signs Limited. Measures 19 1/4" in length X 8 3/4" in width. Excellent condition with very minor wear.


C P R Telegraph Porcleain Flange Sign

CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY TELEGRAPH & CABLE OFFICE PORCELAIN ENAMEL 2 SIDED FLANGE SIGN. Circa 1910. This is a very early two sided sign made before they started bending the edges of flanged signs. Porcelain is a bit scratched but still has some shine. Has chips both sides. Sign made by Acton Burrows Toronto.


John Collins Tin Sign

JOHN COLLINS TIN SODA POP SIGN.Drink John Collins nothing more refreshing.Measures 27" in length X 19" in width. Sign is 1950's. It is mint with two tiny, tiny nail holes in top yellow border where someone nailed it up.


The Ontario Mutual Life Assurance Tin Sign

THE ONTARIO MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE CO. TIN SIGN.  Head office WATERLOO ONT. Circa 1910. Sign meaures 25 1/2" in height X 20" in width. This sign is in near mint unused condition and has only minor nicks from handling.Fabulous graphics and condition. 100% original..


Cast Iron U.S Customs Sign

U.S. CUSTOMS CAST IRON SIGN.Very early sign has American flag at top with 13 stars & 13 stripes.Reads "AVOID PENALTY REPORT TO CUSTOMS. VEHICULES ENTERING UNITED STATES MUST BE REPORTED" The "vehicules" probably referred to buggies at that time. Heavy casting is probably 90 - 100 lbs. Sign measures 36" in length X 28 1/2" in width. It is 1/2" thick with thick brackets on back for mounting on a post. Recently purchased in the Montreal, Quebec area. Fabulous early sign.


Forest Fire Poster

FOREST FIRE POSTER AMERICAN FORESTS PRODUCTS INDUSTRIES INC. "KEEP AMERICA GREEN" . Large poster measures 40" in length X 24 1/2" in width. Circa 1950's. Found in a house folded up and never used so there are light folds in the paper but no rips or tears of any kind. Virtually mint. Fabulous colors, images and condition. Artist signed. "VALOSIO"


Diamond Dye Cabinet Maypole

DIAMOND DYE CABINET "THE MAYPOLE". This is one of the large size cabinets in the Diamond Dye series and dates from 1905 or 1906. Wood cabinet is all original including the finish. The interior of the cabinet is also complete which in itself is rare. Tin litho front with children dancing around the maypole is embossed. There is light wear just below house on top left. There is a touch of paint on bottom right hand corner. There are a few scattered scratches but nothing detracting. Measures 30" in height X 23" in width X 10" in depth. Colors are strong and bright. This is one of the more desirable cabinets with bright colors and children playing.


McGregor Happy Foot Display

McGREGOR HAPPY FOOT SOCK DISPLAY. Original circa 1950's. This is the blue & white version.He is in excellent condition. Measures 16 1/4" in height X 10" in length. Made out of a rubber composition material. Near mint condition. No repairs.

PRICE:$750.00 (price is for blue only)

McGregor Happy Foot Display

McGREGOR HAPPY FOOT ADVERTISING SOCK DISPLAY. Original circa 1950's. This is the gold & black version. He is in excellent condition. Measures 10" in length X 16 1/4" in height. Made of a composition rubber material. Very minor nicks. No repairs.

SOLD!(gold only)

1905 Intercolonial Railway and Prince Edward Island Railway Calendar

ORIGINAL 1905 INTERCOLONIAL RAILWAY AND PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND RAILWAY OF CANADA ADVERTISING CALENDAR. Measures 19" in length X 13" in width. Only has a partial Dec. 05 pad. Calendar has edge tears and a small piece in bottom left hand corner missing. Made by Toronto lito Co. Moose image was used frequently by this company. We recently sold the 1903 I.C.R & P.E.I.R calendar in a different color. See it in our "Advertising Signs Sold " section.


Western Union Porcelain Arrow Sign

WESTERN UNION WITH ARROW PORCELAIN 2 SIDED OVAL SIGN WITH STEEL BRACKET. Sign is dark cobalt blue with white lettering. Oval sign measures 34" in length X 21" in width. Nice bright shine with only very minor edge chipping. Very minor.  Great WESTERN UNION piece.


RCA Victor Porcelain Flange Sign

RCA VICTOR MARCHAND AUTORISE VICTROLAS - DISQUES - RADIOS. Porcelain 2 sided flange sign. Circa 1920's. Canadian sign made for the French Canadian market in Quebec.  Measures 20" in length X 14" in width. Chips on the flanged edge where it screws on the wall.Chips along the top edge just above the RCA logo. Minor chips on other side.on outside edges. Cobalt blue porcelain is shiny and bright.


Royal Crown Cola Sign

ROYAL CROWN COLA CARDBOARD SIGN. Dates to the 1960's. Measures 23 1/4" in length X 19 1/4" in width. Features a case of 16oz. bottles of Royal Crown Cola. Sign is very clean with only minor edge wear.


International Harvester Banner

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER PAPER BANNER. Measures 37" in length X 12" in width. Banner reads "Leads 'em All New Kitchen Size International Harvester Freezer See It Now" Pictures a pretty band leader and a model 70 International harvester Freezer. Minor water stains. Has been shrink wrapped but can be easily shipped by rolling it up in a solid tube. Very unusual and scarce item..


Forest Fire Sign

1930'S TIN GOVERNMENT OF CANADA FOREST FIRE SIGN. Measures 13 3/4" in length X 9 3/4" in width. Made by General Steel Wares. This embossed sign looks like it has never been used and is in near mint  to mint condition.


DR.McCann Archsta Light-Up Sign

DR. McCANN ARCHSTA FOR ACTIVE WOMEN FLASHING LIGHT UP SIGN IN ORIGINAL SHADOW BOX.Circa 1930's. When plugged in the light inside the metal case flashes on and off. Original picture frame wood frame has some paint loss but in no way detracts from this piece. The advertising glass sign is etched and reverse painted. It is in excellent condition. Neat pharmacy or medical advertising collectible item.


Robin Hood Flour Porcelain Sign

ROBIN HOOD FLOUR FOR SALE HERE SMALL SIZE PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. Three color sign measures 28" in length X 15" in width. A couple of very tiny chips. Very light scratches. Circa 1940's. Displays great.


RCA Victor Showroom Display

RCA VICTOR COTTON SHOWROOM BLANKET FROM AN RCA DEALERSHIP IN A SMALL VILLAGE NEAR THREE RIVERS, QUEBEC.Measures 8' in length X 14' in width. Has RCA logo alternating with Nipper & a phonograph.Cloth is frayed across the top, there are a few holes and minor stains. Overall very nice condition.


Ramsay's Paints Advertising Promo

RAMSAY'S PAINTS FOR HOUSE & HOME TIN LITHO DIECUT MAPLE LEAF ADVERTISING PROMO. Made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Toronto. Small chip in paint near the center top. Measures 3" X 2 3/4". Very nice overall condition. Circa 1910.


Ogden's Robin Cigarettes Porcelain Sign

OGDEN'S ROBIN CIGARETTES PORCELAIN SIGN. From the Imperial Tobacco Company of Britain & Ireland Limited. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width. This is a beautiful sign but it does have extensive restoration. The blue has repaired chips and is completely repainted. The package  of cigarettes has chip repairs & is approximately 20% touched up. Displays well.


Robin Hood Flour Porcelain Sign

ROBIN HOOD FLOUR RED & WHITE PORCELAIN SIGN. Circa 1940's. Measures 28" in length X 15" in height. Two small chips in white border on corners. Porcelain is shiny & bright.


7-UP Thermometer

1971 7-UP THE UNCOLA ROUND BUBBLE GLASS THERMOMETER.Measures 12" in diameter. Made in U.S.A. Excellent working condition.


Velvet Pipe & Cigarette Diecut Sign

VELVET PIPE & CIGARETTE TOBACCO LARGE DIECUT CARDBOARD SIGN. Measures 32 1/2" in length X 22" in width. Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Co. Litho in U.S.A. Sign was an easel back but the cardboard easel piece is missing. Minor wear . Great graphics. Circa 1960.


ROYAL ROSE GAS RANGES FOR BETTER COOKING TIN SIGN.The words "Royal Rose Ranges" are done in a reflective gritty sand finish. Recently found in a house in Montreal Quebec. The elderly gentleman says he was working for this company in the 1940's when he took these home. Measures 20" in length X 14" in width. Mint condition , never used.


Floor & Furniture Wood Sample Sign

"61" FLOOR VARNISH TIN DIECUT FLOOR & FURNITURE FINISH CHART WITH 8 WOOD SAMPLE. Copyright 1917 Pratt & Lambert Inc. Measures 16" in height X 13 1/2" in width. Tin easel back or hanger. Lithotin diecut sign pictures hand & hammer. Minor scatches & scuffs. Minor creases to tin. Great hardware sign.


Marvo Celluloid Paint Sign

MARVO A MURPHY FINISH HEAVY CARDBOARD EASEL BACK DIECUT PAINT CHART DISPLAY. Measures 34" in height X 24" in width. C.1920. 28 color sample chart  From the Murphy Company Ltd. Montreal, Toronto,halifax, winnipeg. A few outside edge nicks, overall excellent condition. Fabulous colors. Nice image of sailor boy & girl.


Pittsburgh Paints Porcelain Sign

PITTSBURGH PAINTS 2 SIDED PORCELAIN SIGN WITH ORIGINAL HANGER AND ALUMINUM FRAME.Measures 5' in length X 34" in width. 12 different colors. beautiful sign with just a couple small chips.


1969 7-Up Sign

1969 CARDBOARD 7-UP CANADA SIGN. "L'incola". Measures 37" in length X 23 1/2 in width.Sign is almost mint with just a touch of edge wear. Strong, bright colors with no fading.


1965 7-UP Cardboard

1965 CARDBOARD 7-UP CANADA SIGN. Measures 37' in length X 23 1/2" in width. "Plus de 7-Up Plus de joie!" One thumbtack hole in bottom edge. Strong colors with no fading.


Perfume Celluloid Sign

MORNY PERFUMES- London celluloid & tin sign. Cardboard easel back. Floral fragrances pictured are pink lilacs, gardenia, french fern, june roses & lily of the valley. Excellent condition. c1960. Measures 10 3/4" in length X 8 3/4" in width.



CADBURY'S Cardbaord Sign

CADBURY'S Dairy Milk Chocolate cardboard sign. Measures 21" in length X 11" in width. Great graphics. Near mint condition.


NuGrape Easel Back Sign


NuGrape Soda die cut cardboard advertising sign. Measures 16 1/2" in length X 14" in width. c.1950's. A small crease in her hair and on bottom corner. A light scratch in snowman's hat on right side. Nice colorful easel back sign.


Drug Store Sign

Rexall I.D.A. drug store embossed plastic sign. c. 1960's. Measures 23" in length X 20 1/2" in width . Excellent condition.